Weekly Menu

In my efforts to eat more veggies (Sanity Challenge) and power foods, aka healthier than what I have been eating, the weekly menu will look something like this:

Sunday: veggie burger and kale chips for me and Chipotle for the Chef
Monday: BBQ Turkey Patties with sweet potato fries
Tuesday: curried rice with shrimp
Wednesday: lightly breaded tilapia and black bean salad
Thursday: grilled chicken and avocado tomato salad
Friday: DATE DAY more about this later;)

I am also hoping to do some baking this week. The plan is to pick 4 recipes and make some cookies for Christmas weekend. What shall I make? Since it’s our first Christmas as a family of 4 (you bet the Sous-Chef is the equal member of our family), I want to have a proper Christmas dinner (a blend of Croatian and American tradition) and a Christmas day brunch (my tradition). A lot to think about. A lot to plan for. Very little time left….

Q: What will you be eating this week?

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