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This weekend we welcomed fall in Miami. It’s been raining non-stop since Friday, and we have been stuck in the house ever since. I tried taking Kiki for a few short stroller walks when the weather would permit, but all she wanted to do was walk through puddles. Guess what…I let her do it and we both loved it. I only wish I had my camera to capture the moment, but it probably worked out better as I lived in the moment.

I did a lot of catching up on TV shows – Downton Abby and Newsroom…have you seen either of them? If not, you really should – amazing story lines. And how embarrassing that this whole time I thought it was “Downtown” and not the “Downton”…

Since we spent so much time inside, we had to get creative when it comes to entertainment, toys as they are, were just not going to cut it.

Since we couldn’t take Brinkley or as Kiki calls her “Ka-Ka” out for a walk, we took Winnie. Not sure that Winnie liked it, but Kiki loved it and it kept her entertained for a while.

Winnie was thirsty too, so we had to give him water from the dog dish.

I also did the first thing off of my fall list – decorated the house and created a fall mantel. I am always jealous of the beautiful mantel I see on different blogs, so I decided to be creative. I may not have a fire place, but I have a beautiful wooden bar, that now serves as a fall mantel. 

The best of all, I shopped my own home for this little set-up…can you tell I am proud it 😉

I had a little helper too…Kiki helped decorate and clean the house. 

Let’s hope she will want to do this when she is 16.

I have to admit that she cleaned the coffee table really well. I could see my own reflection in it!

This weekend I also did something I have done in a long time – I planned a weekly menu. Despite all the changes, ups and downs, establishing new routines, I am trying to preserve a few things that I know work well for me and keep me sane and on-track as I adjust to the new. 

Weekly menus these days are a little more challenging because I am doing all the cooking, remember I have taken over the chef’s hat 😉 It’s really not just the cooking, it’s learning how to cook and there is no room for error, since my little judge will not allow for it. I prefer to do most of my cooking when Kiki is napping or she is down for the night. I don’t feel completely comfortable around the kitchen, stove and all the ingredients while she is running around, but such is life. Today I was brave, and made a new recipe, and baked a banana bread. Kiki managed to only empty one cabinet while I was “experimenting, ergh I mean cooking. Perhaps she sensed my fear and let me be in the kitchen, and somehow things turned out really good.

I am not surprised, but Kiki was not thrilled with chicken, but she loved the mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Do I need to remind you that she is 16 months old?!? and she LOVES mushrooms. Her palate is absolutely amazing!

You probably now want to know what I will be cooking this week…I am trying a few new things and I hope my little critic gives it a thumbs up.

SUNDAY: Chicken with thyme mushroom and mashed potatoes

MONDAY: Cornmeal crusted tilapia and sweet potato fries with cucumber and radish salad (This will be my lunch on Tuesday) 

TUESDAY: Chicken Quesadillas

WEDNESDAY: Mushrooms and egg toast

THURSDAY: Chicken and Orzo Skillet

FRIDAY: Ricotta filled shells

SATURDAY: Leftovers

Q: How was your weekend? What will you be eating this week?

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  • Kat
    September 25, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    P LOVES to clean with us too – I'm going to remind her when she's 16 😉


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