This was a first weekend in a very, very long time that I was home in its entirety and there was no schedules to be kept, no planes to catch, no where to be, no one to meet… Kind of nice and relaxing. The weekend actually started with a work function – “traveling” to Sicily while […]


Weather is behaving terribly – it’s being all moody, huffy and sulky ….. So we did just what the doctor ordered – stayed in a lot and ate…. Of course at the begging of the weekend we had totally different plans, but once we saw how storm “Debbie” was treating us, the plans changed [hmmm, […]

Another weekend spent inside….Yes we live in Florida and somehow it has rained for last three weeks and hurricane season hasn’t even started. So we made the best out of it – we played a lot, had dance parties and ate delicious smoothies. My baby girl may not like eating fruit, but she loves fruit […]

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