[photo credit] Hello! Hello! Let’s see…where have I been? what have I been up to? I’ve blissfully sailed through summer, Kiki started kindergarten, I’ve added some more miles to my Delta loyalty program, traveled to some new (to me) cities, truly felt the sand between my toes more than ever before since I moved to […]

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Today was a big day in our house…Kiki graduated VPK! and it was awesome! This is sort of crazy, I must admit, but only a beginning for us, and many more graduation ceremonies to come. Kiki has been excited for this day for a few weeks now and she said it was her favorite day…she […]

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A few nights ago I had a dream…about pasta, more specifically about gnocchi! I have always been fascinated by gnocchi…it’s almost like a love affair…soft, delicate, pillowy, flavorful little Italian dumplings made from flour and/or potato. They seem so simple, and yet so intimidating. I know I don’t feel comfortable making them from scratch and I […]

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Happy Friday! This summer is sailing along and it’s hard to believe that September is around the corner! We’ve been in a full summer swing…. Our summer days have been filling themselves up at a rapid pace, which means we are having a lot of fun and definitely making the most of our time together. I, for one, want […]

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