Elevate word of the year

Goodbye 2016, hello New Year!  Another year has come to an end and what a year it has been! I can say it with certainty it was a year of many highs and a few lows, a complete whirlwind. I am grateful for the lows and the highs…lessons were invaluable and I’m grateful for the people that […]

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Elf on the Shelf Muffins

This weekend was just all over the map…neither Kiki nor I nor the Sous-Chef felt our 100%, so Sunday was spent nursing a fever, lost voice, lots of coughing and an exhaustion. Hopefully we are all on our way to a better health with only a week away from Christmas, as our holiday to-do list […]

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starbucks holiday cup

Happy Monday! New week, fresh start – I took advantage this weekend to somewhat hybernate. It was all about R&R and gluttony. And it was wonderful. Don’t laugh now, but winter has arrived to Florida! Or at least temperatures below 70F. On Saturday morning I woke up to temperatures in the high 60s, immediately opened every single window […]

mom blog

[photo credit] Oh, hi.  Remember me?  I used to make food, photograph it and post it here, and then…  Did anyone else feel like this week was extra-long? I am so happy to welcome the weekend. I have decided to relax all weekend long, with not one.single.plan. Well, maybe a few little things here and […]

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