I did it!!! I ninja-kicked my to-do list!

What a day!!! I am exhausted! But feeling so good – so accomplished. My goal was to get things done on my to-do list, or as I said it this morning to It was a very colorful lunch – orange peppers and tomatoes with some Jaalsberg cheese on toasted Arnold whole wheat bread. After my short break, I went back to work. Have I mentioned how much I love working from home? I logged in a few more hours and than around 5 called it a day and took a nap. I was debating whether to go t yoga or not, just like I always do on Wednesdays. Knowing how good I feel after, I dragged my tired body out of bed and went for an hour and fifteen minutes of stretching. It was glorious – we did a lot of back stretching – just what I needed today.I came home and the chef had dinner ready – grilled chicken and pesto wheat pasta. I wasn’t overly hungry as I ate a muffin with peanut butter before I went to yoga, but the smell of grilled chicken was irresistible – actually the smell of anything grilled is irresistible. Don’t you just love the grilled marks – yum!!! It was another great and quick dinner. It’s missing a bit of color, but my lunch certainly made up for it ūüėČ Granted the chef said he wanted to do some grilled peppers, but we are completely out of olive oil – so next time! Chef – it’s the thought that counts. Thank you for delicious dinners and for following my carefully planned It’s bed time! I finished the “slummy mommy” book last night. It wasn’t that good and I look forward to starting something new. I have about 60 or so books in the house that I have not read so quite a few options to choose from. I have a feeling it will be something to do with “mommies” – that seems to be a theme these days in the Faux Foodie Casa… Good Night!!!!

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