Date Night with the Chef

Finally a date night for the chef and me…we have both been on business travel and haven’t seen each other for a week. Surprise, surprise, we were both hungry for sushi at the same time, mind you and this never happens. Once we got to the restaurant I was convinced we wouldn’t be able to agree on the rolls, but it was another surprise – kai roll and mexican spicy roll and chef added some setay chicken/shrimp skewers for an appetizer. Everything was perfectly delicious. Then only thing missing was a glass of wine. After 12 years of dinner dates, tonight was the first time that we sat on the same side of the table. I know this is such a bizarre thing to pay attention to, but for some reason it felt so much more romantic. Ah, the romantic in me.After we finished our delicious dinner, we walked over to the Fresh Market to pick-up few items. While chef was tasting some colombian coffee, I bought green figs, basil, avocado, old fashioned rolled oats and my new favorite wine – EVOLUTION from Sokol Blosser Winery in Oregon. First time I had some EVOLUTION was while visiting my friend Shannon in Portland when we had lunch at the Portland City Grill and than again while at the winery for the tastings. The wine is perfectly crisp, refreshing with sweet after taste. It is the most perfect wine for hot, humid Florida summers.I absolutely love the label on the wine bottle… “As luck would have it, a random number of varietals took a liking to each toher and decided to become a lush, off-dry, somewhat tropical wine with a crisp finish”…there is no better description that this.Well, I am off to bed now, as tomorrow is an early and big day. I have a lot of errands to run and it’s my goal to get them all done tomorrow and than enjoy the rest of the weekend. The goal is to get up early and go for a run while it still somewhat barebal and than yoga around 11. I think I can do it. Happy long weekend…hope you have tomorrow off.

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