Culinary Book Club

I have been toying with the idea of forming a culinary book club, starting out with a small group of foodies — ones who love to peruse cookbooks and try new things. But the problem is – I DO NOT cook. I love, love, love and enjoy reading cook books and browsing bookstores for new cook books or culinary related books, but I don’t know what I would be able to contribute to the actual club…the key is, it would have to be culinary books club and no actual cooking, or at least not on my part. When I mentioned this idea to the chef (aka husband), he looked at me and said “Don’t you already have the Dinning Divas Club?” True, I do, and we are back on our once a month schedule, but we talk about everything but food, we say food is the reason we get together, when in reality, we get together to talk and listen to each other – the true girl’s night out. So this new club would have to do with actual cook books. We would meet in the Books and Books in Coral Gables – there is no better place than B and B for a club of this sort and we would admire and discuss all published culinary wonders – cook books, food art books, coffee table books about food, food industry manuals, food related novels,compare all the magazines out there – anything that has to do with food. So what do you think – is there anyone interested?

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