I am planning for a mellow week and hoping these meals will fit right in…Weekends are exhausting and I need some time to recoup from a 2 day weekend!!!! SUNDAY: Leftovers – there are plenty of them from last week MONDAY: Lassagna and salad TUESDAY: Stir-fried shrimp and broccoli WEDNESDAY: Spring vegetable couscous with chicken […]

I am thankful for so many things this week, but most of all: Mili-Mali3Bs – bed, bottle and bed timetummy timechubby cheeksgigglesbabble12 hours of sleep at night (for Mili, not me;()evening walks with Mili-Mali, sous-chef and the chefThe Chefhome cooked mealsblogger inspired recipesthursdays because it’s almost friday which means WEEKENDbaby photos ♥ This was a delicious […]

[source] I just got back from a quick weekend gateway and now I am trying to accomplish all the weekend chores in one afternoon. I am quickly learning it’s impossible. The laundry, grocery shopping, unpacking, organizing needs to be done pronto!!! But I did manage to do two things – weekly menu plan and a […]

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