I am sad to report that the last week’s menu felt apart on us some time around Tuesday. The chef mixed up the days and the menu, so we really didn’t follow what was planned. Though we did manage to eat all the fresh stuff we bought, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss. […]

The weekly menu is always prepared with anticipation that by Wednesday our plans will change and modification to dinners will be necessary. Neither of us are really bothered by it, as it is the reality. But somehow, this week, we managed to stay on track and make almost everything on the menu or at least […]

Lately my after-work social calendar has been insane, leaving me with very little ME time, so have decided to make some changes. Too many times I don’t know how to say no, or can’t resist the opportunity to see a friend or try out a new restaurant. So instead, I have designated one night to […]