About Me

I would like to consider myself a foodie [according to WIKIPEDIA - a foodie is someone who simply loves food for consumption, study, preparation, and news.], once upon a time I lacked the part in interest in study and preparation of food. Today, I love EVERYTHING about food.. hence the blog name THE FAUX FOODIE GIRL. With a few recent changes in my life, I have decided to try my luck in cooking, and it has been an adventure [hope I won't have to change my blog name] and I am really enjoying the cooking. Suddenly all the things I didn't like about cooking are becoming my favorite.

I am definitely a Type-A person, wear entirely too much black for sunny Miami, lover of books, collector of cookbooks and anything that sparkles, addicted to cafe lattes, fancy home decor magazines, baby kisses and giggles.

This blog started as a way of documenting my love for food, but as my life is ever changing, this blog is too. I hope to give you a peak into my life along with my thoughts on foodie life, things I want NOW and all the other lovely adventures, newest one being the single motherhood. I am excited to share the chaos that I call my life. Stick around, it will be an interesting ride.

There are two main characters that appear on my blog: 

THE SOUS-CHEF - my 11 year old cocker-spaniel

MILI-MALI - aka Baby A or Kiki or Faux Foodie Baby - my 16 month old daughter (as of 9/12/12)

Kiki at age of 3 months