Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: 100 Montaditos

As I might have mentioned before, I live in a suburb…a city girl in a land of strip malls and chain restaurants, so when something new and cool pops up in my neighborhood, I jump of joy. Props to you my dear suburban neighborhood, you have joined the ranks of the “cool crowds” and welcomed what only currently exists in "hipper" areas like Midtown and the beach – welcome 100 Montaditos! 
100 Montaditos, the Madrid-based chain that features Spanish mini sandwiches at insanely reasonable prices has very recently arrived to my neighborhood! Montaditos, which means mini-sandwiches, are served on crunchy, freshly-baked rolls and filled with typical Spanish ingredients such as Serrano ham, Spanish tortilla, chorizo sausage and Iberic cheese on a choice of white, whole wheat or ciabatta rolls and all for $1 to $3.

Why 100, well because there are 100 choices on the menu served tapas-style. The menu is divided into several sections depending on price as well as "New" and "Etiqueta Negra" Montaditos. I would usually be overwhelmed with this menu, but being the type A personality I am, I picked my choices before we even got there and satisfied all my sandwich cravings.  And if you have issues with commitment and sticking to one choice, this is your place – perfect for samplings and discovering new tastes.

The chef, Kiki and I went to our local 100 Montaditos tonight (Wednesday night), when everything is a $1. Take my advice and stay home on Wednesdays and come another night. The restaurant was a nightmare – first we waited 15 minutes to place an order and than another 35 minutes to pick up our order, not an empty seat in a house (I guess that’s not a bad thing), but the staff was very pleasant and accommodating despite the rising temperatures (not sure if AC was broken or there were just too many people there). For prices ranging from $1-$3, definitely visit on a regular night to get a better experience. But I think it's a great place to be casual and hang out with friends, and munch on a variety of yummy little sandwiches.

Tonight wasn’t my first experience either, so I know how pleasant it can be. I think the whole concept of mini sandwiches at a wonderful price is pretty awesome, and on top of it, everything is so tasty and pretty.

Here is what the chef, Kiki and I shared tonight (and there are leftovers for tomorrow's lunch):

Grilled chicken and chipotle ali oli
Grilled chicken and iberico cheese
Burger, cheddar cheese, bacon and chipotle ali oli and crispy onion
Pulled BBQ Pork, blue cheese, bacon and ali oli
Asian: grilled chicken, arugula, red onion and sesame dressing
Shrimp, thousand island dressing and lettuce
Grilled chicken, bacon and coleslaw
Salmon, cream cheese, arugula and olive oil
Serrano ham, mozzarella, fresh tomato and pesto
Grilled beef, iberico cheese, arugula, red onion and honey Dijon


All in all, I am thrilled to have joined the hipster ranks and feel like one of the cool kids with a trendy foodie place in my neighborhood, which I will be visiting frequently, but not on a Wednesday night ;)

100 Montaditos Pembroke Pines
175 N Hiatus Rd
Pembroke PinesFL 33026 

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I love this 100 Montaditos, I am not sure why the reviews aren't better! We go hang out here all the time, and I love all the pulled pork sandwiches, as well as the shrimp and cream cheese.

We bring friends here all the time when we want to hang out. Its not a fancy place but it has a fun atmosphere with spanish music playing and plenty of space. If you go on a special night (Wednesdays) you're going to wait way longer for a seat than usual. Its not that expensive, just go on a different night!