Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five [plus some]

Happy Friday Friends! Actually Happy Friday the 13th! May this Friday be lucky for you...I hope the bird that pooped all over my car this morning while sitting at the red light means good luck for me! I need it!

Let's see what's happening...well, Kiki , the Sous-Chef and I are in search of a new home. We still don't know where we are going, but we are both excited for a prospect of a new start somewhere with a lot of light and space for all of Kiki's toys...those were the only two requirements that Kiki has for our home. Hope I can find that home, soon... So looking for a new home is all I can think about right now, and in the meantime, the best thing I can do is carry on as if everything is just like regular scheduling.

So to start off this weekend, here are a few things that I have been trying to occupy my mind with:

1. 10 Signs you're living with a Threenager. Number 10 is especially true with us! She's destined to be a negotiator!

2. I really want to, need to, change my daily routine - need to become an early riser... hope these 8 tricks might help in getting up earlier.

3. Speaking of waking up early....the 5 stages of waking up on a Monday morning.

4. Another convincing case against multitasking.

5. 10 foods that boost your brainpower.

6. I am so guilty of this.

7. This should be part of my every day uniform. It would require no explanations!

I am having a love affair with citrus, especially blood oranges. Kiki and I can't get enough of them.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

hey there...the weekly meal plan

Hey there! Yeah I know it's been awhile, but I am not going to start this blog with some excuse as to why I have not blogged, what I have been up to, I'll simply just dive back into it, cool?? No excuses!  Life keeps on happening!

I’m a meal planner, in case you didn't know...Usually on Friday nights or Sunday mornings, I set aside a bit of time to look over my pantry, freezer and fridge, "Kiki schedule" [what I like to refer to the custody schedule] and come up with a game plan for the following week. Since we have a very unconventional custody schedule (I am planning a post on this one, so hold onto that question), I always make sure to have a cooked meal when Kiki is with me. On the nights that she's with her dad, I am either out for a work event, catching up with friends, or snacking, yes snacking on hummus and cheese - two staples of my foodie life!

One of my goals for this month/year is to get back into regular meal planning, cooking, and sharing these recipes with you. I always thought dinnertime is a great opportunity for families to connect with each other and have a little eye contact. 
So here is my menu plan for the week, the first one of the year, the first one I have shared in a while. I hope it inspires you to get into the kitchen this week because I know it has inspired me to share it with you.

Monday: MEATLESS MONDAY: Gnocchi alla Sorrentina
Tuesday: Curry Chicken, cous cous and lettuce medley
Wednesday: Grillen chicken, roasted veggies and Peruvian potatoes
Thursday: Chicken with prosciutto and tomatoes over polenta
Friday: Pizza night

Q: So what are you making this week? 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Five (+2)...Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I can't wait for this weekend to begin! I am looking forward to a trick or treating with Kiki, slow(er) mornings... time to catch up on the little things that were sacrificed during a busy workweek, like sitting in my back yard, sipping coffee and chatting with my favorite girl, reading, and a few domestic things. 

This weekend is definitely going to be devoted to some re-energizing. Next two weeks will be a marathon session work wise, and EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING needs to be done before I board that plane for Argentina. That vacation can't come soon enough! 

In a Faux Foodie tradition of interesting reads from the net, I couldn't just post top five, well I never can because there's just so many things I want to here are some of my favorites...the ones that stopped me in my tracks! Enjoy reading and have a safe and fun Halloween!

1. I've always been a huge Reese Witherspoon fan and this video just confirms how cool and delightful she really is! #teamreese 

2. An inside look at Michelle Williams’ super-cool Brooklyn townhome. That library! Yes, please. I am such a library nerd, to have one in my home would be the ultimate dream.

3. I've been reading a lot of business books, get better books, etc....My favorite career book by George Lois, the real Don Draper, which has 120 valuable nuggets about career and life. Smart, funny and no-nonsense.

4. What kids around the world eat for breakfast.

5. Shine Theory: Why Powerful Women Make the Greatest Friends. I've heard variations on this theme a lot lately (as friendship has been on my mind a lot lately), but this is a good read. 

6. The best dating advice...."They either like you or they don't!".....Dating really is simple, we should embrace it for what it is and not try to read in between the lines.

7. I am guilty of few of these.... 10 words to ban from your emails

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Strangers!

I come and go just like good restaurants in Miami...if you live in South Florida you will definitely understand this the mean time...let's talk.

Not sure that I have any earth shattering "Five on Friday" reads for you, but I have six things on my mind to share on this Friday.

1. Life hasn't been easy... there's been a lot of pain, too much loss to even comprehend. A very dear friend of mine is no longer with us, and I still can't wrap my head around it...sadness is unbearable.

2. I was out of town a few weekends ago and while walking the streets of a city very dear to my heart a thought came to me...."I do not belong to the city where I live now"...I am not sure what city I belong to, but certainly not where I am now.

3. My best sleeping baby has turned into an insomniac toddler. And I've been following in her footsteps. A vicious cycle that I don't know how to break.

4. Someone recently asked me how do I feel about being a working mom...The best thing is that being at work is really rewarding for me on a personal level. I feel challenged and smart and ready to kick ass. I love the example it sets for Kiki....I hope she sees a strong woman who has a life and enjoys it.  The hardest thing is balance. I am not sure what balance is...especially not today when I am doing all of this on my own.....urgh, I think I hate word balance. Balance, balance, balance. My work brings me tremendous joy and I have to work to balance that with the joy my family brings. I think that just about sums it about...

5.'s a tough job and there are days when I think I won't make it, and then she smiles at me and puts her hands around me, and I know it's all worth it.

6. I can't say enough about the advice given here: 15 CareerTips from Smart Women

Well, this is all I have for this Friday....spoken from my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday

This week nearly "killed" me. Nothing was particularly terrible, it was more of a feeling of must get this and this and that done and then this; never ending to-do lists; looming deadlines; boss in town; getting ready for some upcoming travel; big-kid bed sleep training or should we call it deprivation; day care drop-offs and pick-ups (Because we've transitioned to 5-days a week day care, which I know was necessary and good for Kiki but terrible for me), and not nearly enough hours in the day to do it all or at least the way I would like to get it done. C’est la vie… must accept that there is only time for those things that I really want to get done!

So in the "terror" of not getting it done, somehow I still had time to browse the internet, read, watch, relax and find these "fascinating" five items. OK maybe not fascinating, but at least interesting enough to make the cut for "Five on Friday"....because we all know I always have a lot to say than five things...

1. Kitchen Hacks - I absolutely must use these!!!!

2. To all of my mamma friends - simple but yet so eye opening read! or maybe just a reminder.

3. What a BRILLIANT Friday dinner ritual.

4. Have you see the "Gone Girl" trailer? I’m so excited, can not wait!!!

5. Are you addicted to your smartphone? Without even looking at the results I know I am, but I am not really bothered by that notion. Are you?

Bonus: I read this quote last night and I couldn't stop thinking about multifaceted ways that it spoke to me....

"...To know someone is to know how they eat; food is the best, most universal way to tell a story without words."
 - Marcus Samuelsson

Happy Friday!!!! Hope it's filled with delicious eats!