Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekend Notes

Hello! Hello! Let's see...where have I been? what have I been up to? 

I've blissfully sailed through summer, Kiki started kindergarten, I've added some more miles to my Delta loyalty program, traveled to some new (to me) cities, truly felt the sand between my toes more than ever before since I moved to Florida, rekindled my love for books, improved my sleep habit, drank a lot of rosé, joined the Blue Apron movement, looked at the world through rose colored glasses (💖) and now that we officially said goodbye to summer I am ready for "fall". I love fall, as it reminds me of the new school year and the new beginning, which reminds me I need a new paper monthly calendar...I am still the old fashion calendar girl despite all my efforts to move digital.  Maybe one day, but for now, I am in search of a girly pretty simple calendar.

My weekend the moment I am in the Live Music capital or Silicone Hills City or better known after its slogan "Keep Austin Weird", all I can say Austin is weird, and cool and so not Texas, if you know what I mean. For lots of behind-the-scenes of this weekend, follow me on snapchat --> 👻 fauxfoodiegirl

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Little Graduate

Today was a big day in our house...Kiki graduated VPK! and it was awesome! This is sort of crazy, I must admit, but only a beginning for us, and many more graduation ceremonies to come. Kiki has been excited for this day for a few weeks now and she said it was her favorite day...she was all smiles and giggles!


This graduation was a serious thing...the kids wore caps and gowns, the whole nine yards. I always thought that was kind of silly but after seeing them all dressed up, there's really nothing cuter then 5 year olds in caps and gowns.

It's hard for me to believe this sweet little thing was 1.5 years old baby when she started school and is now off to Kindergarten! She amazes me daily with the things she says and the way she rationalizes things, seriously just a fountain of random knowledge. She seems so young but at the same time she is such a little adult.


This year has been the best one yet...I have no complaints except that it simply went by too fast. Next year we are headed to a new and much bigger school.  I am looking forward to the next chapter in our adventure! She is super ready and excited for the "Big School".

Doesn't she look very scholarly??

Monday, May 23, 2016

I Dream of Gnocchi

A few nights ago I had a dream...about pasta, more specifically about gnocchi! I have always been fascinated by's almost like a love affair...soft, delicate, pillowy, flavorful little Italian dumplings made from flour and/or potato. 

They seem so simple, and yet so intimidating. I know I don't feel comfortable making them from scratch and I like shortcuts in the kitchen, but my dad...well he is an expert at homemade gnocchi, especially the potato ones. His plump potato dumplings are the perfect comfort food!

While I had a dream about his gnocchi and him thumb pressing into the dough and shaping the little clouds, I opted to buy some pre-made ones and just dump them into the water, wait for them to swim up to the surface and follow this recipe. oh and the recipe, it was divine. As usual in the fauxfoodiegirl tradition, it was simple, delicious, Kiki-approved and fast. Definitely put it on your weekly dinner fewer than 25 minutes list kind of a recipe!

Did you notice I didn't say healthy...well, it uses a lot of butter, and I am not the one to cook with butter, but butter is the essence of this recipe. Oh that brown butter...or shall I call it, my practice in patience! The goal with brown butter is not to let it burn, or really not to let it out of your's like a two year old, the moment you look away, they get into some kind of trouble. So my advice with making the perfect brown butter is to never look away and just keep whisking! The butter should get all bubbly and you will start seeing little brown bits and you should probably start smelling it soon as that happens take the butter off the heat but continue whisking...hey, I told you not to stop whisking, for at least another 30-40 seconds.... and voila, the most perfect dressing you can add to your gnocchi.

And since it is meatless Monday, I loaded this meal with corn and spring onions, sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese.... Needless to say, Kiki gave it two thumbs up and I promised to bring it back to our weekly menu.

Did you know that cooking on fire in a dream means attaining one's goal or achieving one's purpose. If one sees himself preparing food on fire, and if his food is well cooked in the dream, it means that he will attain success and become famous.

And to see pasta in your dream may represent that you will have funny activities, which make you happy with your friends.  ~ ha very true, because my best friend is coming to town this week and I have some really fun things planned for us!!! Including Kiki's late birthday party!

What foods come to you in your dreams?